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She restarted her blog and she’s looking for new partners. She’s such a sweetheart, 10/10 recommend RPing with her.

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Just Your Average Alien Invasion || Closed



He followed her again. This woman whoever she was. She spoke of strange things. Strange intresting things he had to follow. He walked right next to her.

"So let me get this straight." he said crunching his face and rubbing his temples.

"Your here too stop an alien invasion. And you yourself are an alien. And my boss… is an alien." Blimey. Alien was the word of the day apparently.

"Blimey, he’s capable of learning!" The Doctor said with an exaggerated sigh, looking back at the man. "Though not completely, apparently. Yes, alien invasion. Your boss is an alien. Aliens are coming. It’s the end of the world."

She paused for a moment. “Okay, not really. ‘Cause I’m gonna stop it. But you know. This is usually the part where people sorta run away because oh my god aliens aaahhh no.” She put on her best horrible impression of panicking humans. “So go on, run along. Chips waitin’ to be eaten and I’ve got a world to save.”

On The Slow Path || Closed


❝—- I know you are not an invalid, but it feel weird to see you doing normal stuff. And I know you don’t know everything since you were never forced to do this kind of stuff❞ Clara led the Doctor to the kitchen and then around the house. She opened the door of a room which was in front of her room and smiled at her. ❝—- This is where you are going to sleep.❞

"Just because I’ve never had to doesn’t mean I can’t," the Doctor pointed out with a bit of a pout. "How hard can it be? Boring, sure, but hard? I doubt that.” She was quite sure of herself. That was nothing new though.

She peeked into the room Clara had elected for her, looking around. It was very plain, of course — actually it almost reminded her of her room the TARDIS. Oh well. It wasn’t like she’d been spending much time in here anyways. “Great, looks good,” she said with a small smile. “Thank you.”

 lettersonrosepetals asked:
For the Mun: Have you considered filling out a character survey thing with Billie!Doc to get your muse back? Like, what her favorites are, how she'd react in certain situations, etc. I've seen them range from simple to intimate, and could potentially get your juices flowing. I use them for characters in my stories (which is different, I know), and while I admittedly don't know what it's like to be in your position, I was wondering if it might help :) Maybe I'm totally off. Sorry if I bugged you!

I did try, but I don’t have the attention span for those, lol. It’s good a suggestion though :D


Okay, so…my Billie!Doc muse has gone out the window. Totally and completely gone. So this blog is on semi-hiatus until I get it back. I’ll be doing replies here and there, but I can’t promise any kind of frequency. I’m sorry :(

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Just Your Average Alien Invasion || Closed



"Regret what? What could I possibly regret? Besides you taking my job. My only job might I add. Not having a job really does not help with bills. And still. what are you talking about? What do you mean by aliens? Aliens haven’t been here since that one Christmas almost five years ago!" he said shaking his head. He looked at the woman again.

She had such a serious demeanor, even with her short body. He was taller and probably older then the woman and he still felt intimidated around her.

"What?" The Doctor turned to stare at the guy, completely bewildered. "Okay, listen. Chin boy. I don’t want your bloody human job, okay? You can have it. I’d make for a horrible employee anyways. So let me stop your planet from being destroyed and hey, maybe I can help you get you your job back. It was a bloody alien who fired you anyways.

"And what do you mean what do I mean by aliens? You know, aliens! From other planets, ninety percent of the time come in peace except not this time because they want to sell your planet as a training ground — those kinds of aliens.”

At his mention of Christmas she smiled rather fondly. “Oh Christmas. I really should start avoiding Earth around that time, swear I’m jinxed.” The smile faded, however, as she remembered why she was here. “Right-o. Eugh. Right-o. Remind me not to say that again. Anyways. I’m gonna go save the world, why don’t you go get…chips or somethin’.”

And with that she was off again.


AU: (Billie Piper as the Doctor) — Something is very wrong with the Doctor. And John needs to figure out what before things get too bad.

Meeting Martha || Closed


Martha just fixed the woman with the oddest stare, then she called herself the Doctor and she nearly keeled over right then and there. She took off running after the woman and into the hospital, forcing herself to calm down and help evacuate patients. Eventually, near the MRI lab, she ran into her again, “The Doctor? You’ll have to earn that title, mate.”

Though the smirk on her lips was playful. As if she were telling an inside joke to someone, but this Doctor probably wouldn’t get it. She kept on though, helping people get out. When she glanced out the window again, it had started to rain. Up.

"Earn it, huh?" The Doctor said with a cheeky grin as she looked over her shoulder, fixing the other woman with what was unmistakably a cocky look. "Well I’ve been earning it for over one thousand years, so I suppose proving it one more time won’t hurt, right?"

When she saw the rain, however, the cockiness faded. “Oh no no no no no no no no!” She yelled, diving into the MRI lab, running around to the back of the machine and sonicking a panel. It fell of with a clank and she dove in, pulling at wires and buzzing them with the sonic. “No, no no no no no, just a few more minutes, that’s all I need, c’mon, no no no no…”